Thanks for visiting our website. We are really looking forward to seeing all of our loved ones in one place. We are very fortunate to have such a strong support system. Enjoy the website and we'll see you soon! Love, Elaine and Adam
  • Kick Ball Match

    Glenbrook Park, La Riviera Dr. Sacramento

    Who are you going to represent? Elaine or Adam?
    Elaine's team=wear an obnoxiously colored shirt
    Adam's team= wear white

    This is NOT a friendly competition. This is the real deal.

    Added on Fri, Oct 16th 2009

  • Post-Rehearsal Dinner Bar

    at the Park Ultra Lounge

    1431 L Street Sacramento,

    Added on Sat, May 8th 2010

  • CANCELLED----->>>>>Ladies' Yoga in the Park

    Capitol Park

          Sorry, I think I'll be too busy running around trying to get pretty!

          This definitely shouldn't stop any of you from doing your own stretching and relaxing in the park....

    Added on Tue, Apr 27th 2010

  • Ceremony

    Capitol Park, Sacramento, Ca

    The outdoor ceremony will be held at Capitol Park in downtown Sacramento. Just look for the big white building! There is plenty of shade at the site, however you should expect the temperature to be at least 90 degrees. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Water bottles will be provided at the ceremony as well.

    Added on Fri, Oct 16th 2009

  • The Party!


    629 J Street Sacramento

    Added on Fri, Oct 23rd 2009